About Us

We’ve left conventional, ordinary digital advertising behind.

We’ve bailed on the cutting edge, it’s too crowded there. Join us on the leading edge and watch what happens when you merge marketing and tech. You get a dynamic duo that pushes the limits and creates new and exciting possibilities for clients. 

We will maximize your buying power while expanding your digital and social footprint by cutting through the white noise so your message is laser focused every time… and we do it all in-house, giving you and us greater control over your budget and your results.

Our Founders


Patricia Lamantia

With a background in live television and augmented reality, Trish is on the front lines of new trends in advertising and often leads our clients in new and exciting directions. 


Her motto is “anything can happen when you’re working on the edge.” Her passion for new technology and helping clients achieve results form DD360’s foundation.


Jennifer Aries

A marketing veteran, Jennifer is more marketing than technology. She is motivated by her excitement in what technology can accomplish for our clients, which drives her to push the limits on what is possible.


Her motto is “never, ever limit yourself.” Technologically thinking, anything is possible. Big words coming from a marketer.