SMART Mailer


We can help you transform a digital ad into a tangible item a prospective consumer can hold in their hands. No more expensive area-saturation, direct mail marketing campaigns that waste precious dollars and resources.

We shook up the process and made it more precise, which equates to being more cost effective for you.

Digital Dynamics 360 developed a process whereby we only target those users who actually showed interest in your brand by clicking on an ad or landing on your

campaign page.

We capture readily available white page data, match it via a proprietary algorithm, which returns a USPS certified mailing address. From the time the prospective consumer shows interest, to the time a custom designed piece of mail arrives at their address with your brand is 3-5 days. It’s just one more way that we can take your brand further than ever before.


OTT/CTV Advertising


If you’ve not made OTT/CTV advertising a part of your media plan, you need too! “Cord cutting” is real and recent studies have shown that viewers are ditching their traditional cable for Over The Top/CTV streaming providers. We saw this trend occurring long ago and repositioned ourselves to serve these new and emerging markets.

We not only anticipated this trend, we integrated all of our technologies into a single platform, affording us the ability to create an immersive experience for your target audience. Taking your brand to new destinations while always remaining on the leading edge of technology is what makes Digital Dynamics 360 the very best.


White Label


We are an advertising technology firm that was built to help other agencies. Regardless of the type of agency you are, production house to full-service, we have that platform and the tools to support you.


Digital Dynamics 360 was created with the specific purpose of providing solutions to companies and agencies across the country. We offer an opportunity for your company to offer products that will catapult your client’s ROI, with only you to thank. Put your name and brand on our products and market them to your client base.



Programmatic Advertising


In the past digital ads were bought and sold by us humans but the future of ad buying has finally arrived in the form of Programmatic Advertising! With the ability to input a multitude of variables and demographics, we are able to deliver your brand to your intended audience across all forms of Display, Search, and Video markets!


Digital Dynamics 360 has solutions for every client and brand, to achieve your advertising goals! We care so much about your success that we build every campaign in house and we will never farm your brand out to a third party! Taking your brand further than ever before is something only Digital Dynamics 360 can do. Are you ready? We are!

iOS 14 and Advertising Changes


Mobile GeoFence Advertising


What makes Digital Dynamics 360’s Mobile GeoFence Platform technologically superior to others in the market? By constantly pushing the limits of technology and forging new pathways to reach your target audiences by marrying our Mobile GeoFence data with other proprietary technologies, we are able to take your brand full circle and extend its reach like never before.



Addressable Advertising


Proprietary in every way and recently added to our list of technologies, Addressable Advertising is like nothing you’ve seen before! This technology is so revolutionary and so cutting edge that we can barely contain ourselves.


Imagine the ability to micro target an address, a section of an address, a conference room, or the visitors section of a sporting event with your brand.



Now imagine that level of targeting, from 1 to 1,000,000 locations, per campaign! But why stop there? We can build audience list population and extended look-back windows all integrated with our OTT/CTV, SMART Mailer, and our Programmatic (DSP) Platform, all to create a custom and immersive experience for your targeted audience.



IP Address Marketing


Digital Dynamics 360 has the capability to use IP addresses to create a completely custom experience for your targeted audience. Are you starting to see a trend yet? We believe in highly accurate and fiscally efficient advertising. We care about your success! 


Digital Dynamics 360 brings this level of accuracy and efficiency to your brand, because maximizing every dollar you invest is what we’re about!